Lens Replacement Service

Lens Replacement Service

Replace the Lenses in your Existing Glasses Frames

Save up to 70% off retail prices when purchasing lenses in your existing frames using the lens replacement service.

Top Lens Brands Available:

Top Lenses brands for eyeglasses

  • Lenses starting at $36 ($75 for Progressives)
  • 60-Day 100% Lens Accuracy Guarantee
  • Minimum 1 year warranty included

How it Works:


Place Online Order

Select your frame type, desired lens options and submit your online order


Ship Us Your Glasses

Send us your glasses using the shipping instructions we provide to you via email


Receive Them Completed

Get your glasses back in around 1-2 weeks* with your new lenses

More Information

Start your lens replacement order

Start your order

What type of glasses will be used for your lens replacement?

Full Rim
  • Plastic or Metal
  • Sunglasses Ok
  • Plastic or Metal
  • Sunglasses Ok
Unavailable for this Lens
  • No-Rim Drillmount
  • Sunglasses Ok

Start your lens replacement order

Common Questions:

Find answers to common questions about the lens replacement service below.

  • Do you accept all frames?

    We accept any type of frame as long as it is still in Good condition and is prescription'able. Including full rim, semi-rim (nylor), wrapped or oversized sunglasses and full rimless. Please see the Frame Restrictions section for details.

    If you're unsure, Email us photos of the frame for review.

  • Do you take my prescription?

    We accept any valid eyeglass prescription as long as it is not been expired. If you're uncomfortable inputting the details online yourself, you can leave everything blank and we'll take care of it when we verify the prescription.

    Parameters including Prism and Seg Height are all supported. See all Supported Parameters for details.

    Please visit the Prescriptions section for more information.
  • How do I choose lenses?

    Once you Select your frame type and continue your order you will select the lens from our extensive lens selection using the easy step-by-steb lens ordering wizard. The How to Order Lenses section explains the process further with instructions.

    We offer all types of lenses, including Single Vision, Progressive, Bifocal, Trifocal, and Plano (Non-prescription).

    We also offer all common lens materials like CR39 Plastic, Polycarbonate, Trivex, and thin & light Hi-Index.

    An extensive range of additional options like Tint options, Sun options, Blue-light & Anti-glare coatings, Digital/freeform, and even Anti-fatigue options are available throughout the Lens Catalog and shown while placing your order.
  • How do I send you my glasses?

    Once you Place your order, we'll email you the return instructions to send back your glasses.

    Pack Your Frame
    Pack the glasses securely inside of a cardboard box with stuffing. Since shipping the glasses loosely in an envelope may result in damage. It is suggested to send the glasses inside of a case for extra protection.

    How to pack your glasses for eyeglass lens replacement

    Ship Your Frame
    Ship the package back to the returns address provided via email once you place your order. You are able to use the shipping service of your choice. We always suggest the package is trackable for your records and insured in case there is damage or loss during transit.

    Return Shipping Label
    A return shipping label may be provided for an additional cost once you place your order. Instructions to purchase a label will be included in the return instruction email.

    International Shipping
    Please ensure to mark the customs form for the shipment as "RETURN NO VALUE" to ensure the package is delivered successfully.
  • How long will it take to get my glasses back?

    1-2 weeks*
    * in most cases to get your frames back with the new lenses.

    Shipping Time From You
    The lens order will start processing within 24 hours of receiving your glasses. The time it takes to receive your glasses is based on the shipping service used when shipping your package. Weekend delivery is unavailable.

    Our Processing Time
    From when we receive the glasses, it will take around 3 work days to complete a lens order or 7 work days for progressives. Times may be longer if the lens requires custom surfacing or for more complicated requests. Please visit our Processing Times section for more information.

    Shipping Time To You
    Once the lens order is complete, it will be shipped via the shipping method selected in your order. Please see the Shipping Rates section for the options available.
  • What happens once you get my frames?

    When the glasses are delivered, it can take up to a workday to start on the order.

    1. The customer will be notified via email once the order begins processing or if there are any issues.
    2. The payment won't be processed until the prescription is verified and we have started working on the order.
    3. The estimated shipping date for the order will be posted on the Order Status page within 24 hours.
    4. A follow-up email notification is sent once the order has been shipped including the tracking number.
    5. The customer will receive back their frame with their new lenses installed and the old lenses separately.
  • Can you read my current lenses?

    We are able to read the PD measurement or Seg Height from your existing lenses and use them for your order, but we will still need a valid prescription verification for the actual prescription. Please visit the Provide a Prescription section for more information about how to provide one for your order.
  • What if I lost my existing lenses?

    We will still use the valid prescription and measurements provided to make the new lenses. Full rimmed frames can be traced so the existing lenses won't be needed. However, for semi-rim or rimless glasses, we will need at least one lens or pattern to be sent back with the frames in order for us to be able to trace the lens.
  • What happens if my request is refused?

    If upon physical inspection the request is refused we will:
    1. Notify the customer via email
    2. Remove the lenses from the order without posting the payment
    3. Ship the glasses back to the customer in the same condition

    Common Refusal Reasons
    The request may be refused if the glasses are:
    • Weak or abused and at risk of breaking
    • Has damaged irreplaceable parts that are necessary
    • Extremely unclean - Has mildew
    Note: We reserve the right to refuse a lens replacement request for any reason.

    It is suggested to Email us photos of the glasses for review before placing your online order.
  • What if I don't have glasses for backup?

    We offer several amazing brand new glasses at affordable prices in stock and ready for immediate shipment in our Rush Shipping catalog.

    Then you can continue your lens replacement order when you're ready.

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