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Prescription Types
There are two types of prescriptions - eyeglasses prescriptions and contact lens prescriptions. They are not the same. An eyeglass prescription is different than a contact lens prescription and cannot be used for a contact lens order and vice versa. If you do not have a prescription for one or the other, please consult with your eye doctor.
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How to Obtain a Prescription
A new or existing copy of the prescription may be obtained by contacting your eye doctor. If you don't have a copy, you can provide the patient/doctor information with your order, and we'll call to get it for you.
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How to Provide a Prescription

There are numerous ways to provide a copy of the prescription for verification.

Please include your order number in your email or fax.

Prescriptions Email

Send copy as an attachment

Prescriptions Fax

Toll-Free: 1-888-579-1155
Local/int.: 1-302-385-0405

Call to Verify

Provide Patient Info
Slowest method

Prescriptions are verified Monday through Friday. Please allow around 24 hours for a response. A notification email will be sent one the prescription has been received and verified or if there are any issues. 

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Prescription Readers
Turn any pair of prescription glasses into readers as if they were from the drugstore without requiring a valid prescription. To order readers without a valid prescription, provide the reading strength during the lens order (during step 3) as shown below.

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Expired Prescriptions
Glasses Prescriptions commonly expire in 1-2 years from the date they are issued. The expiration date is usually found written on the prescription. Unfortunately expired prescriptions are not accepted unless prior written approval from the prescribing doctor.
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Special Prescription Ranges
Is there something about your prescription that is out of the ordinary and not supported online during the order page? We handle all types of prescriptions, so if you don't see it offered, it does not mean we don't provide it. We currently accept the following types of prescription requests.

If your prescription requires prism, we'll add it to the order for you upon verification. Additional fee for the prism is $10 per diopter. Fraction diopters are billed as full diopters.

Seg Height
If a Seg. Height has been measured already, and you would like to provide it for your order, please give this information in the 'Comments Section' of your lens order. Please note that it must be the same measurement used for the same size of the eyeglass frames that you're purchasing from us, since the Seg. Height measurement is dependant on the frame size. If a Seg. Height measurement is not provided by the customer or their eye care provider; then we will use our in-house formula for making the progressive lenses in your order. Our in-house formula is known to be accurate.

Wrap-Around Styles
Prescriptions over +/- 2.00 are not recommended for curved or wrap-around styles. A flatter frame style is suggested for stronger prescriptions to help avoid distortion and vision warping (coke-bottle effect). Please see the example to help identify the right type of sunglass to choose for prescription lenses. Prescription Sunglass Tips
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Date of Birth?
The patients' date of birth is used to verify the prescription with the doctor's office. It is needed when we are instructed to call a doctor's office to verify a prescription.
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