Frame Size Guide

It's important to know the different frame parts and how they vary in sizes when ordering glasses. The three main parts on a frame which vary in sizes are:

The EYE size: Horizontal width of the Lens area in millimeters.

The BRIDGE size: Horizontal width of the Nose area in millimeters.

The TEMPLE size: Length of the Ear Piece in millimeters.


As shown during your order:

Size:   55 - 17 ¬ 145  

Visual Guide:
Frame Size Chart

Locating the Frame Size:

In most cases, the size of an existing pair of glasses may be used to help determine the fit. The size information of an existing pair of glasses is commonly found written inside the temples or bridge (nose peice), as shown below:

Glasses Size Information

Take a closer look below:

Glasses Reading Example

Although sometimes these markings may wear off due to standard wear and tare and extended use, a ruler can be used to measure these parts. Frame measurements are determined in millimeters.

Convert millimeters to inches:

mm = 1 inch(es)

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