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      EasyTwist are made with Trilaston, a proprietary memory metal innovation, developed by Aspex Eyewear, known for its elasticity and unsurpassed shape recovery properties. This copper aluminum based alloy offers tremendous advantages and value over other nickel/titanium based memory metals currently on the market. Whereas Nickel/Titanium frames will eventually lose their flexibility and shape- retention, EasyTwist’s frames withstand the test of time and bounce back into shape even after extensive periods of use. In addition, due to their unique molecular composition, EasyTwist frames are more resistant to stress, shock, corrosion and extreme changes in temperature. The memory metal capabilities of Trilaston also allow it to accept a wider range of finishes than its nickel/titanium counterparts. Furthermore, while nickel/titanium frames are known for losing their finishes and becoming dull, EasyTwist’s Trilaston frames never lose their luster. Trilaston also offers a health benefit not found in other memory metals. Specifically, the absence of nickel in the composition of the alloy used in the EasyTwist line results in the creation of frames that are hypoallergenic so as not to cause adverse skin reactions. This fine brand may be found in our brands list under eyeglasses brands, and E Brands

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