Curious about Custom-Made Clip-ons?

A guide for custom clip-on sunglasses.

About custom made clip-on's

If you wear clear prescription glasses under the sun frequently, you may be considering some options available for sun protection.
However, sometimes, it can be tough weighing the options out there. Sure, you can keep the second pair of sunglasses in the same prescription around, and swap between your frames and sunglasses numerous times throughout the day. However, eventually, you may find yourself asking if it is indeed a practical solution for sun protection. Buying an additional pair of prescription glasses just for sunglass use, for some people, might not be that practical or cost-effective. Especially when there are solutions, like custom made clip-on's, to help make things more efficient, more accessible and more convenient.

Custom made clip-on sunglasses are made to easily attach over your prescription glasses or readers for convenient sun protection, and gives the wearer the flexibility to transform their existing pair of prescription eyeglasses into stylish sunglasses with ease. 

How are they made?

Each custom clip-on is made by hand for the frames using unique procedures and processes to ensure they fit correctly.  The lens shape of the frame is traced and scaled accordingly so that the sunglass lens of the clip-on seamlessly fits over the glasses. They are then secured to the chassis so that they are ready for wear.  All clip-on's are thoroughly tested to fit the glasses securely on the glasses. The making process can take a few days to ensure a proper fit. However, rest assured, they are definitely worth the wait!


How do they work?

The clip-on's have metal prongs which attach to the outer rim of the glasses, and the entire clip-on is flexible enough to maneuver in a way so that they fit correctly. The metal prongs are padded with rubber sleeve covers to help prevent the metal from touching the frame and causing damage, as well as making them more sturdy/stuck to the frames while wearing them. Place the clip-on's over the frames, and secure them, to transform your everyday glasses into sunglasses, and to protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays.

Frame Compatibility Issues

Frames which are suitable for custom clip-on's must have a proper placement availability for the prongs to attach without distraction so that they fit securely without causing damage. For example, full rimless glasses are usually not suitable because the screws protrude out the front of the lens far enough to cause problems with fit and securability.
The custom clip-on's should fit over the glasses with some free space/slack between the frame/lens and the clip-on lens without too much wiggle room or movement. Otherwise, the clip-on and frame may become damaged from constant friction of hitting each other.
Thick lenses which protrude too much out the front of the frames may also cause problems with the clip-on. Creating the clip-on's for the final step helps reduce the chance of a bad fit or causing damage between the clip-on and frames.

Available options

Custom clip-on's come in different styles, chassis colors, lens colors, and lens types. A wide variety of chassis colors are offered to help match most common frame colors. Even though the amount of chassis visible is minimal, it still lets you have that matching look. Most common lens colors and styles are offered, in polarized or standard. You can mix & match to whichever chassis and lens color desired.

e3 (Standard)

How to Order?

The eClips custom-made clip-on is NOT sold separately at this time and is only orderable as an add-on option to an existing frame order. Merely add the eClips custom clip-on to your shopping cart, after you have added your desired frames. eClips custom clip-on's are custom made to fit the frames in your order. NOTE: If you are ordering multiple frames, please specify the model number of the frames they should clip-on to in the comments section during checkout.

We cannot guarantee a proper clip-on fit if the lens dimensions change after ordering. For this reason, we strongly suggest any lenses you intend to add to the frames, are added to the frames at the time of your order. eClips custom clip-on may take up to 3 additional business days for processing and are a non-returnable/final sale.

 6 and 4 Base is Available. Our lab determines the best base curve for your frames unless.


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